Hire me to design for you
With over 10 years industry experience

Some call themselves standards-based designers, some even call themselves CSS developers, I don’t know what to call myself these days – the work I do spans the realms of usability, interface and accessibility consultation, analytics and conversion reporting, hardcore CSS/xHTML standards-based semantic coding, PHP programming, and last but not least at all – desinging. And despite being an awesome coder, my designs are far from predictable. Let’s just call me a web expert. I can design sites, build them, and fix them, that’s all that matters.

A lot of the recent design work I’ve done has won awards and been featured on showcase sites, and while it is this area of things that I enjoy the most, I do genuinely love getting my hands dirty with the code too. I also like to speak about my work, and have talked on various podcasts and at local conferences about CSS, design and its intricacies. Some day I hope to finish the book I’m writing and talk at some of the more major events.

Got an exciting project?

Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. I almost never fully book my schedule because I always like to leave a little open in case a really awesome project comes along, so be quick!