Mains timer for an Iron or Hair Straighteners

It’s a simple but effective idea, utilising the same mechanisms found in mains plug timers, but as a countdown device ensuring that plugs into hair straighteners and irons etc. to ensure that they aren’t left on for longer than a period of 30 minutes, for example. Especially useful for forgetful types who often leave such dangerous items plugged in.

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A Mac 4-key Screensaver Wake option

To wake Mac from screensaver instead of entering password, a secure combination of 4 keys held down could do the same.

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The Horoscope Project – Is it all nonsense?

This is really a personal project, but it has scope for a large userbase. I’ve always wanted to experiment on the accuracy of Horoscopes, mostly due to the one I read being scarily accurate ( With how easy WordPress is to mod these days and RSS/XML feeds all over the place, I had the idea to write a daily journal entry detailing my day every day for a ...

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The Slice Race – awful crowdsourcing idea

Simple premise: a company submits a PSD file for slicing as xHTML/CSS (and possibly WordPress theme) and a userbase begins speedily slicing it up. The first combatant to finish the job (fully valid code, working properly on all browsers) wins the race and thus gets paid for the job. Jobs will have a fixed price, and submissions/reviews etc will take place behind the ...

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Paper Free Desk – scan in your bills

I’ve been sick of all of the paper in my home office recently and instead of buying another filing cabinet for all of it I decided to scan it in and turn it all in PDF files. This is awesome because not only can I print copies at will, I can also organise them in a nice folder structure on my hard-drive and I can add things like tags to them if I do some clever ...

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Sell Your Own Home – tips and blog

This would be an awesome web site if I manage to pull it off. Unfortunately I haven’t found a domain fit for the purpose just yet, but I’m keeping my eyes well and truly open. Basically it will be a web site with the sole purpose of arming Joe Public with all of the tools needed to sell their own home, completely cutting out the Estate Agent (because really, ...

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Pistol Zine – an online gaming mag

It all started with a logo. I considered calling my new design company Pistol and did some excellent branding for it. I later decided that Pistol was a little in your face and on top of that, I didn’t like having the word “piss” in my company name, haha. I toyed with starting a magazine about real Pistols, writing mostly about the aesthetics (I absolutely ...

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FavDup – a design showcase community

I use CSS and design showcase web sites almost daily, and over the years have built a list of saved ‘inspirational’ web sites that probably extends past 500 entries. I’ve got them in Delicious which is also sync’d with Safari but simply put, navigating them is a pain in the arse. I know that there are a few showcase sites out there that also off ...

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Stuff I’m Selling – WordPress plugin

I originally thought of this for myself – but realise it has massive potential for popularity if done correctly. I’m hoping eBay have a decent API I can plug into and code from there. The long and short of it will be a sidebar widget displaying a set number of items that the owner is currently selling on eBay.

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An automated iPhone ringtone maker

Upload any audio file, it cuts out the first minute, converts to AAC/M4R preserving tags, and presents you with a link to download your new iPhone ringtone.

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Kinetically-powered mouse

I’ve long been annoyed by mice. First it was the cables, and now it’s the speed at which it eats through batteries. Sure, I could get a rechargeable mouse, or even rechargeable batteries – but I’m still consuming far more power than I think necessary. We’ve seen kinetic watches thanks to Swatch, so why not produce a kinetic mouse? It gets ...

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I can't promise that any of these are in any way viable, but every so often I get one of those lightbulb moments and feel the need to jot it down somewhere.

If it's here and you can read it, that means that I simply don't have the time or resources to develop the idea further, and would be more than happy for any of my readers to do exactly that.


Yep. Completely. Obviously I can't give you exclusivity or anything like that, as these are now in the public domain, but if you're serious about developing the idea and are interested in picking my brain about it, please do!