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I’m going to college to study design!

Exactly 2 years and a month since I bought myself my first computer and began to teach myself how to code HTML and use Adobe Photoshop I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to go back to college. After 3 years of hard graft working full-time at various companies around Bognor Regis I’m finally giving up my reliance on the wage and getting myself schooled! I’ve got a part-time job lined up but I’m not looking forward to the pay cut at all!

I am however looking forward to the course – a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design, and the tutors seem fantastic. I just can’t wait to learn all of the aspects of design that you can’t teach yourself within Photoshop or from online tutorials. Less technique and more theory please.

Fingers crossed in two years I will either be on my way to University or a full-time position in the design industry!