Simple premise: a company submits a PSD file for slicing as xHTML/CSS (and possibly WordPress theme) and a userbase begins speedily slicing it up. The first combatant to finish the job (fully valid code, working properly on all browsers) wins the race and thus gets paid for the job.

Jobs will have a fixed price, and submissions/reviews etc will take place behind the scenes. The client has no say in which submission wins. Client pays an administration fee to the web site but the slicers pay nothing.

This would be a really easy site to build, although we would probably need to provide each combatant with their own development and presentation environment, and that may get tricky. I foresee complaints from combatants such as “but I couldn’t log in!” however this will be irrelevant – as they won’t have paid anything to join in.

As far as domains go – is taken but the owner isn’t using it so I could probably buy it off of them, theslicerace dot com is currently free but I would much rather not have the ‘the’ prefix. We’ll see, perhaps a brainstorm with Alex will provide a better name.

Alex has suggested slicerunners .com, slicerunner .com is also available as is slicerun .com which is absolutely awesome!