This is really a personal project, but it has scope for a large userbase.

I’ve always wanted to experiment on the accuracy of Horoscopes, mostly due to the one I read being scarily accurate ( With how easy WordPress is to mod these days and RSS/XML feeds all over the place, I had the idea to write a daily journal entry detailing my day every day for a month, the front end of the web site would then pull in the Horoscope for that day through RSS or something similar and display it next to the entry. I would then have the ability to comment on its accuracy afterward.

As I say this experiment is personal really so proving authenticity is irrelevant. But using WordPress MU (multi-user) I could extend the project to allow everyone and anyone to sign up and conduct their own similar experiment. They should be able to choose which site they want to source their horoscope from, obviously choose their starsign (or enter their birth-date and calculate it, whichever proves easiest in user-tests) and they should also be able to choose from one of say 5 different themes. I can design these themes no problem. I personally would like to disable the ability for them to customise a theme, as I don’t want it ending up looking like MySpace.

It would be awesome if this project could tie-in with existing sites such as FaceBook and LiveJournal to enable users to pull in current or previous journal entries from those sites and compare them with their respective daily horoscope. This would be a lot more tricky but would be an awesome feature.

Both thehoroscopeproject dot com and horoscopeproject dot com are currently available so I will buy both, but push everything to thehoroscopeproject dot com, as I prefer how it sounds with the ‘the’ prefix.