This would be an awesome web site if I manage to pull it off. Unfortunately I haven’t found a domain fit for the purpose just yet, but I’m keeping my eyes well and truly open.

Basically it will be a web site with the sole purpose of arming Joe Public with all of the tools needed to sell their own home, completely cutting out the Estate Agent (because really, they’re just thieving bastards who nobody likes).

It will include instructions on everything, including Ad Templates for placing ads in local publications, print templates so that people can print out their own Signage put stick outside their house and detailed instructions on how to build the board. It won’t just cover the easy bits though, I’ll need to get a mortgage advisor on board to write up everything there is to consider with the process, I’ll need all of the legal forms and contracts available as PDFs, I’ll need a few advisors on hand to answer questions users might have, and I’ll either need to aggregate recent industry news or pay for original content.

A site such as this would also benefit greatly from a user forum so that people can seek advice from other people who’ve either been there or are there now. It will need to be moderated heavily though in order to keep advertisers out.

The revenue stream from this web site will at first be entirely through AdSense, but later once the site is established I will look to open it up to memberships, with paid members receiving the Premium Content.

This could also be added to with a sister site of Let Your Own Home for lettings because Letting Agents are just as evil.