It all started with a logo. I considered calling my new design company Pistol and did some excellent branding for it. I later decided that Pistol was a little in your face and on top of that, I didn’t like having the word “piss” in my company name, haha.

I toyed with starting a magazine about real Pistols, writing mostly about the aesthetics (I absolutely love guns – some think I’m a bit wrong) but I really don’t know enough about the subject to write for it regularly. That, and I’m not sure that the target audience really exists outside of US hunting clubs and that’s not really my scene.

At the time I couldn’t think of another use for it so the branding got shelved. It wasn’t until I got my Xbox 360 and rediscovered my love for multiplayer shooters (I used to be an Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike fanatic) that an idea struck me, why not combine my love for the internet, guns and blogging with my newly re-found love for Shooters?

I’ve got a few people on board, Simon’s got the Battlefield arena covered, Alex – like me – has the PC and Xbox 360 areas well and truly locked down, and I’ve found a few other chaps who are semi-interested in writing through my online clans and offline friends.

I’ve bought the domain fit for the purpose now all that’s left is to get building the badboy.