I use CSS and design showcase web sites almost daily, and over the years have built a list of saved ‘inspirational’ web sites that probably extends past 500 entries. I’ve got them in Delicious which is also sync’d with Safari but simply put, navigating them is a pain in the arse.

I know that there are a few showcase sites out there that also off some community features, but I’ve not found a single one yet that lets you ‘save’ a showcased web site as a favourite.

My proposal is a mostly CSS-based web design showcase (possibly logotypes as well) that users can sign in to, and save entries as favourites. On top of this, a site will only become ‘showcased’ after it has been voted for in a Digg-like fashion. Effectively this will be the Digg of showcase sites I suppose.

I have bought the domain http://favdup.com/ and (hopefully with Alex on the backend) will begin building the site shortly. Fingers crossed it could be a huge success.

Other possible features include:

  • Aggregated industry news via RSS
  • Original articles by resident and guest bloggers
  • A forum for industry chat/help/discussion
  • A tutorial section for xHTML/CSS tips
  • The ability to cross-post and interact with other sites (e.g. Digg, Delicious, WP Trackbacks)